Are Personality Traits Inherited?


In order to come to an opinion on this topic some critical thinking must be accomplished. First ask yourself what you are being asked to believe or accept. Determine what evidence is available to support the claim. Is there any alternative ways of interpreting this evidence given to you regarding personality traits? Is there any other evidence that could possibly help make your decision and finally what conclusions are most reasonable for you to believe? (Bernstein et al., 2008)

This Wiki has looked at theorists and researchers who believed personality traits were inherited and theorists who believed they were not. There has been compelling evidence shown supporting both sides of this continuing debate.

Despite our efforts to come to a decision on one side or the other, we have been unable to come any real conclusion either way. Rather, we have come to believe that we are actually products of our nature and our nurture. That the way we are brought up and our environment can, and does, influence the basic structures of personality traits we were all born with.

To sum it up, we believe, based on our research and readings, that we are born with the raw materials of our individual mix of personality traits and the environment in which we are brought up in determines the expression of those inherent traits.

nature and nurture- its a combination

We hope you have found this Wiki both comprehensive as well as informative. We further hope it was entertaining and that we made you think about what it is that made you...YOU!

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