Dr. Thomas Bouchard is Director of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research. He has been conducting research on the similarities and differences of twins (monozygotic & dizygotic) reared apart, and twins reared together in an effort to discover what it is that influences our personality. The following link is an excellent over-view of what he has been doing and some of the interesting work that has come from this line of research.

Bouchard's Research

One of the interesting findings throughout his research, as well as the research of others, is that twins reared apart actually seem to have more in common, with regard to personality, than do twins reared together. Though both groups display amazing similarities, the twins reared apart appear to have sidestepped the competition and contrast factor that could play into the differences noted in the twins . To read more about this and other findings, please click the inks below to access just a small portion of the many studies Dr. Bouchard has been a part of.